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All You Need to Know About VigRx Plus and its Results

VigRx Plus container
Who Makes It? Leading Edge Health (U.S.)
What Does It Contain? Herbal extracts (see below)
Any Side Effects? None reported
What's the Price? $76.99 per box (60 tablets)
How to Pay? Credit card or PayPal
How Is It Shipped? Express or regular mail - discreet packaging
Where to Order It? Company Website

>> VigRx Plus is a nutritional supplement that contains herbal ingredients effective for the enhancement of sexual performance and erectile function in men. It is one of the widely known and recommended male enhancement pills worldwide, which can be mostly found at online health stores and also at some local retailers.

After studying and comparing the most popular of male enhancement pills, their ingredients, results, scientific data and customer feedback, we have concluded that VigRx Plus is one of the few brands that are rightfully entitled to be the #1 male enhancement supplement in the world.

Unlike other so-called penis enlargement pills, VigRx Plus does not promise to make your penis grow bigger by 3 inches! In fact, their website makes no claims that the pills can result in an increase or growth in anatomical penile size. The manufacturer only presents sensible claims backed by scientific research and clinical trial data. VigRx Plus is definitely not one of those scams or rip-offs that make delusive promises and guarantee to permanently enlarge your penis by "X" inches in a few weeks.

If you are looking for a good male enhancement pill to uplift your performance and action in the bedroom, then continue reading to learn why VigRx Plus could be your best bet.

What Results Can VigRx Plus Deliver?

The following are the results men can expect to reach when taking VigRx Plus as a daily nutritional supplement.

  • Harder erections that last longer.
  • Increase in erect penis size (length and girth) resulting from increased blood flow.
  • Improved ability to achieve and maintain full erections multiple times.
  • More stamina and energy in the bedroom.
  • Heightened libido and pleasure.

Note 1: Results and effectiveness may vary from one person to another depending on how their individual body responds to the ingredients.

Note 2: Keep in mind that herbal supplements do not work as fast as prescription medicines, like Viagra. Do not expect VigRx Plus to show effects immediately after taking the tablet as it normally takes several hours for initial results to kick in.

What Are The Ingredients of VigRx Plus?

All of the benefits of VigRx Plus come from its all-natural, clinically studied formula. Here's a full list of the ingredients:

  • BioPerine: A natural extract that increases the potency of the herbal nutrients in the supplement by increasing their bioavailability.
  • Catuaba: The bark extract has been used to improve sexual desire and performance.
  • Cuscuta: Cuscuta seeds can help promote reproductive and sperm health.
  • Damiana: The leaves are used as an aphrodisiac in traditional medicine.
  • Epimedium: The leaves of this herb are used to increase penile blood flow resulting in stronger and larger erections.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: The leaves have been shown to improve blood flow and erectile function in men.
  • Hawthorn: These reddish berries have the ability to enhance blood circulation and lower the levels of bad cholesterol and fat in the blood. Men who take Hawthorn supplements may notice a bigger penis during erection.
  • Korean Red Ginseng: This is a form of Panax ginseng. It is used to help men with erectile dysfunction improve their sexual performance and penile rigidity. It can also improve male stamina and energy.
  • Muira Puama: The bark extract has been successfully used as an aphrodisiac and a remedy for sexual dysfunction (impotence) in men.
  • Saw Palmetto: The berries have been used to enhance sexual function in men suffering from prostate enlargement. Other uses include increasing sexual desire and virility.
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Some studies suggest that this herb can boost levels of testosterone, and as a result it increases libido, physical energy and strength, and muscle mass.

Is VigRx Plus Safe?

This product is sold over the counter and does not require a doctor's prescription. It is basically a dietary supplement that only contains natural ingredients in moderate doses. VigRx Plus is generally considered safe for use by any adult male. The manufacturer notes no side effects, however, in rare cases some consumers unofficially complained about mild adverse effects, including; headache, dizziness and/or nausea.

Taking VigRx Plus is not recommended for men who suffer/has suffered from heart disease, circulation problems and/or blood pressure problems. Interaction with chemical and active ingredients in other supplements or prescription drugs you may be taking is possible, and this may pose certain health risks. In these cases, it is strongly advised that you consult with your doctor before you start taking the pills.

Are There Any Before and After Pictures?

There are no official before/after photos for VigRx Plus. You might be able to find some pictures on the Internet that claim to show the difference (growth) in penis size after a few weeks or months, but please be advised that most, if not all, of such pictures are either manipulated, deceitful or entirely fake.

As explained above, VigRx Plus does NOT make your penis grow. Your size will remain the same after weeks, months and years of use. There is no pill in the world, at least not so far, that can make your sex organ "grow" after your body has stopped growing naturally, which happens during early stages of adulthood. The only thing that "penis enlargement", or more descriptively, male enhancement pills can help with in terms of size is increasing blood flow to the penile area, which causes it to rise and inflate to its maximum potential during arousal. The result is an erection that looks and feels larger (longer and thicker), but the difference isn't normally dramatic enough to be demonstrated by photos.

Why Should I Choose VigRx Plus?

  • One of the best-selling male enhancement pills featured at many online health stores.
  • Earned top ratings and recommendations on countless review websites.
  • Contains high-quality ingredients that have been proven to be effective.
  • Provides clinical study data and scientific proof to back the claims.
  • Doctor endorsed and recommended.
  • Vouched for by sexual health experts, herbalists and consumers.
  • A cheap and natural alternative to Viagra and other ED prescription drugs that can cost you an arm and a leg (please bear in mind that VigRx Plus is not a treatment for erectile dysfunction).
  • Offers a money-back guarantee.
  • Ability to check authenticity online to verify legitimate packages and detect counterfeits.
  • Responsive, helpful and prompt customer service.
  • Your privacy is safeguarded with complete discretion when billing, packaging and shipping your order.

Where Can I Buy VigRx Plus?

VigRx Plus is sold both online and offline at some local drug stores and retailers. Most customers prefer to order online as this is the more convenient and private option. To learn more about VigRx Plus and the offers available, and place your order immediately via an online form, phone, fax or mail please click the following link to go to the official website of VigRx Plus.

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