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Bacopa Monnieri for Better Memory and Focus

Bacopa monnieri is an herb that is used in alternative medicine for its medicinal effects. It is commonly used in traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) where it is also known as brahmi, among other local names.


Bacopa monnieri is used for different health conditions, but it is most notably used for improving brain health as it possesses neuroprotective effects. These are the major benefits of bacopa monnieri.

  • Improves thinking and learning.
  • Improves memory and may prevent its decline.
  • Helps reduce anxiety and stress.
  • May protect against Alzheimer's disease and brain damage.
  • May prevent neural decline in aging people.

How Effective is it?

The effects of bacopa monnieri are generally mild and hard to notice immediately. The most remarkable result is better ability to remember and pay attention during mentally-demanding tasks.

Results will vary for each user. It is recommended that you take the supplement daily for at least 4 weeks to rate its effectiveness.

What is the Typical Dosage?

Bacopa monnieri extract is used in dietary supplements with a standard dosage of 300mg. It should be taken with a meal for best results.

What are the Side Effects?

Bacopa is safe for oral consumption. There are no major side effects associated with its use. If taken on an empty stomach, the following side effects may develop: stomach upset, cramping, diarrhea and nausea.