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Q: What Are the Risks of Penis Hanging?

A: Some men who are not happy with the length of their penis might be tempted to turn to penis hanging to make their penis longer. Penis hanging is the practice of tying a rope or cord to the penis and then hanging a weight from the rope. Over time the amount of weight is increased as is the time that the weight is left hanging. The desired result is that the penis will become longer.

The practice of penis hanging is both time consuming and dangerous for very obvious reasons. Men must leave the weight attached to their penis for long periods of time and while this may eventually lead to an increase in length, those gains are accomplished by permanently damaging the penis.

Side effects can include pain, scarring, damage to the nerves, and impotence or erectile dysfunction. Tearing can occur if the weight is too heavy and hanging a weight from your penis cuts off blood flow. Your penis may get a little longer, but you can also lose the ability to get an erection. The truth is that penis hanging enlarges the penis by damaging it. The risks associated with this practice do not justify the miniscule results.