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Phallosan Forte Vs. X4 Labs: Which Device Works? [2017 Review]

Penile traction therapy has been established as the only non-surgical option that may increase penis size permanently. This is done by means of a penis extender or stretcher device.

If you are shopping for a penis extender online, things can get confusing and frustrating with one website telling you this product works best, and another telling you that product works better.

Reality is; there is no one penis extender that is 'the best' for everyone as it depends on subjective individual needs and preferences. However, there are some good choices to consider and other bad ones to avoid.

This is a review of two popular devices used for penis enlargement: Phallosan Forte and X4 Labs Extender. How do these two devices stack up against each other and which one is a better deal? Keep reading for an answer.

Basic Description Of The Product

Both Phallosan Forte and X4 Labs are stretching devices used to elongate the penis by constantly pulling it away from the body. This is called penile traction therapy and it has been clinically shown to promote penile growth with varying results.

Phallosan Forte is a belt stretcher. It consists of a bell-shaped cap or head attachment piece that is fastened around the glans by vacuum force (air gets pumped out to seal). Once an air-tight vacuum seal is created inside the cap it is then attached to the belt that is stretched and wrapped around the waist to create a pulling force on the penis.

X4 Labs is a more traditional traction-based extender. It has a plastic base that fits around the base of the shaft, two extendible tension bars on each side, and the cradle that is attached and locked at the end of the bars. The latter is used to fasten the penis to the device using a silicone tube, rubber strap, or Velcro strap. Memory foam pads are placed between the penis and the strap for extra comfort and safety. Once fastened, the length of tension bars can be adjusted to create a pulling force on the shaft.

Price Comparison

The price of Phallosan Forte is $339 and that does not include any spare parts.

X4 Labs offer different packages and prices. The basic Deluxe Edition currently costs $90 and comes with some spare parts, while the top-of-the-line Gold Luxury Edition costs $270 and comes with three types of straps (Velcro, comfort strap and silicone tube) in addition to many spare parts.

In terms of price, X4 Labs is the obvious winner.

Just by looking at the parts of Phallosan Forte, it doesn't seem to cost more than $20 to make, yet it is sold for a whopping $339! That's really overpriced.

Now, X4 Labs probably also doesn't cost more than $20 to manufacture, but at least you can get the basic package for just $90 and it even includes some extra parts and accessories.

Which Is Better?

Both Phallosan Forte and X4 Labs are functional products that can help you stretch your penis and increase its size.

Some users prefer Phallosan Forte as it is more convenient to wear for long hours, others prefer X4 Labs as it provides more steady traction and thus better results, while others use both tools and alternate between them.

If you have used a traction device similar to X4 Labs before you may want to try a different approach with PF. But if this is your first time using a penis extender, then I'd recommend you start with X4 Labs.

Not only is X4 Labs a better value for money, it is more reliable for penile enlargement as the pulling force remains constant and does not subside when you move or walk like with PF.

Both of these devices can be worn and hidden under loose pants, but you'll need to keep checking on your penis and take a short break every hour or so to restore circulation to your glans.

Penile traction therapy is not an easy option. It requires a lot of patience and dedication for months (at least 3-6 months) to see results. If you give up easily then don't waste your money on something you are going to use for a couple of days and then throw away!

Where Can I Buy It?

Both products are sold online directly by their manufacturer. Here are the links: