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Male Enhancement Pills: Facts Vs. Scams

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What Are Male Enhancement Pills?

Assemblage of Pills Male enhancement pills are dietary/nutritional supplements that claim to help men improve their erectile function and sexual performance in a natural way. These products do not normally require a doctor's prescription and any adult can buy them over the counter either online or at local retailers.

What Are The Ingredients in The Pills?

Supplement Facts and Ingredients There is no voodoo science or esoteric formulas involved in making male enhancement supplements, not the ones that actually work anyway! They normally contain natural compounds and herbal extracts that have been traditionally used in various parts of the world to improve sexual performance in men.

Most male enhancement compounds are based on Eastern traditional medicine, especially Chinese. While most of the herbs traditionally used for male enhancement lack scientific evidence, some have been clinically studied and showed promise, albeit the results weren't quite phenomenal to say the least.

The ingredients differ from one product to another, but there are certain popular herbs and natural compounds that are widely used in male enhancement products. You can find some examples further down the page.

What Results and Benefits Can Be Gained?

Apart from unreal boner pills that will magically add 3 inches to your shaft, let us talk about the results that real supplements can actually produce:

  • Improved circulation, which can temporarily boost erection hardness and fullness during arousal.
  • Improved mental health, which can improve mood, sexual desire and pleasure.
  • Improved energy and testosterone levels, which increases stamina and lasting power.

That's about the best you can expect from a well-formulated natural supplement. You may experience noticeable improvement, but usually it is a mild effect and nothing mind-blowing like most marketers promise. The effects will only be temporary and not permanent. If any supplement is promising permanent results, rest assured it is a 100% scam!

Is There Any Pill That Increases Penis Size?

Man Measures His Penis Size Some male enhancement supplements are labeled as "penis enlargement pills", which has created a lot of dubiety and misconceptions about this whole category of products. The fact is plain and simple; there is no pill whatsoever that can make your penis grow permanently, period. Any claims of growth nutrients, human growth hormone (HGH), gradual erectile tissue expansion, etc. are pure BS!

Please save your money and do not give it away to scammers that push fake penis enlargement pills all over the Internet. There is no medicine - chemical, herbal, or otherwise - that has been scientifically proven to promote penile growth. You may only achieve some results with the use of a penis extender device if permanent enlargement is your objective, and that's not guaranteed to work either.

If your current erections are not as big as you can ideally achieve, then supplements may only improve erection size as a result of increased blood flow to the penis during sexual stimulation. That's not lasting growth.

Beware of Before and After Pictures!

It is so easy to create fake 'enlargement' photos. Most of the 'before and after' pictures used for marketing bogus penis growth pills are just laughable. Only a fool would buy those, and there are many fools in the world, so don't be one of them!

Do Male Enhancement Pills Work for Everyone?

Short answer: no! Even powerful FDA approved drugs like Viagra and Cialis work for only about 70% of users. Generally, most consumers should notice some improvement when taking quality herbal supplements, but not everyone may get significant results.

Effectiveness varies for each user, however, you can have a more successful experience if you combine supplementation with a healthy lifestyle (exercise, balanced diet, no smoking/alcohol, and no masturbation). If you already have strong erections and high libido then you may not notice any significant change.

Are Male Enhancement Pills Safe?

Dangerous Medicine Typically, male enhancement supplements only contain natural ingredients and can be safely consumed by any man with good overall health. If one or more of the following conditions apply to you, then you should use sexual supplements with caution.

  • You suffer from a disease related to the heart, cardiovascular system, kidney or thyroid.
  • You were diagnosed with depression or mental illness.
  • You suffer from low/high blood pressure.
  • You are taking other prescription drugs or dietary supplements.

Note: Pay attention to any particular safety notes and guidelines provided on the product label. It is always advised to have professional superintendence, or doctor consultation, before taking any supplement.

How to Avoid Dangerous Products and Scams?

Discover Fraud The male enhancement market is notably appealing to defrauders seeking to cash in on the gullibility of insecure men. What makes this niche more friendly to scammers is the fact that most men would be too embarrassed to let others know they are using products to supplement their manhood to the point that almost no one would openly complain or take legal action if they get ripped off. Besides the risk of losing your money on useless starch pills that contain no effective ingredients, there is also the possibility that the pills contain harmful substances, undeclared prescription drugs or dangerous chemicals.

In addition to common sense, the following tips should help you distinguish good legitimate products from bad fraudulent ones:

  • Avoid pills that promise to make your penis "X" inches bigger.
  • Do not bank on before & after photo proofs since those are either misguiding or totally fake.
  • There is no male enhancement pill that works in minutes. Nutrients must be naturally digested and absorbed before they take effect, and this typically takes a few hours or more.
  • The FDA has not approved any pill for the purpose of male enhancement or penis enlargement.
  • Look up the product/company name on the FDA Warning Letters page and the Better Business Bureau website and watch for any unsolved warnings or complaints.
  • Do not be fooled by a professional-looking website and product design. Many scammers do an excellent job at putting lipstick on a pig.

Bad Products List

There are literally thousands of rip-off supplements in the male enhancement category, and most of them are sold on Amazon, eBay, and many other websites -- often with loads of fake/paid 5-star reviews. The following are only a small sample of "popular" products marketed under blatant false claims. I would avoid these brands at any cost. Oh, and beware of the free trial, auto-shipping trick!

  • Biomanix
  • Progentra
  • SizeGenix
  • RexaZyte
  • TenGenix
  • Rexavar
  • Longinexx
  • Penatropin
  • Xanogen
  • Virility EX
  • Naturally Huge
  • NeoSize XL
  • Viarexin
  • King Size
  • Anaconda XL
  • Formula 41 Extreme
  • Transform-XXL
  • XtraSize

Which Male Enhancement Pills Work Best?

There is no straightforward answer to this question because natural supplements have varying efficacy from one user to another. What you should keep in mind is that most pre-made male enhancement formulas are underdosed, overpriced and marketed under exaggerated/false claims.

There is no "natural", over-the-counter (OTC) male enhancement pill that has been approved or conclusively proven to work in clinical trials, and there is no guarantee that any supplement will work for you. You are free to waste your money on "clinically proven" male enhancement products though!

The best advice I can give you is to avoid all those embellished brand formulas, and instead buy generic supplements from bulk suppliers and find out the formula that works best FOR YOU.

You will probably have to try several supplements, some of which may work for you and others may not. The following are among the most widely used sexual enhancement supplements that have some scientific evidence to back them.

I have added links to the (great educational resource) page for each supplement where you can read more about the scientific studies, usage, dosage, safety, etc. You can also find links to a recommended supplier where you can buy the supplement for a reasonable price.

1. L-Citrulline: An amino acid that gets converted into L-arginine after digestion. L-arginine increases blood flow and is used to enhance sports performance. It is also used to treat erectile dysfunction and improve sexual performance. L-Citrulline supplementation is more effective than L-arginine supplementation, but you can try both if you wish.

L-Citrulline Examine Page | Buy L-Citrulline

2. Beet Root: This is a natural rich source of nitrates. It helps the body produce nitric oxide, which plays a key role in vascular relaxation (dilation of blood vessels). Beet root is helpful for reducing blood pressure, boosting performance and improving male potency.

Beet Root Examine Page | Buy Beet Root

3. Pine Bark Extract: This is another supplement that has been found effective for enhancing blood circulation and is used for different purposes. It is sold under a patented form called Pycnogenol. Once study found that a combination of pine bark extract and l-arginine produced significant improvement for men with ED.

Pine Bark Extract Examine Page | Buy Pine Bark Extract

4. Maca Root: Maca is one of the most popular and effective natural aphrodisiacs, as far as those go. Maca is used as a libido booster by both men and women. It especially improves sexual performance for men with low libido related to depression and anxiety.

Maca Examine Page | Buy Maca

5. Horny Goat Weed: Aka Epimedium, this Chinese herb is used in traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac. Studies found that it contains a chemical called icariin, which functions as a PDE5 inhibitor, i.e. it expands blood vessels and increases blood circulation in the penis. The effect is similar to that of Viagra but much weaker. Some men reported noticeable results at high doses, so it is worth giving a try.

Horny Goat Weed Examine Page | Buy Horny Goat Weed

6. Cnidium Monnieri: Another traditional Chinese herb that has been used as a natural alternative to Viagra. It may be helpful for enhancing erections, although the evidence is mostly anecdotical.

Cnidium Monnieri Examine Page | Buy Cnidium Monnieri

These are the most popular supplements for men that have reasonable positive feedback and some degree of scientific evidence, although not clear-cut. Generally speaking, any supplement that improves blood flow may also improve erections since strong circulation is the key to strong and full erections.

If you are having problems with weak erections and/or low sex drive then some of these supplements may help. Anyway, don't expect any dramatic or shocking results like many BS, fake reviews promote.

You will also find dozens of other herbs and natural compounds that are claimed to improve male virility, but again most of them lack any credible scientific evidence and will most likely than not waste your money, time and hopes!